Songs removed from the 2022 RCM Syllabus

Repertorie indicated in the list below may be used for examinations during the crossover period (up to end of August 2023). Beyond this time, these pieces are no longer recognized as exam-qualifying pieces in accordance to Royal Conservatory of Music. The content is sourced from the RCM 2015 and 2022 Piano Syllabus PDFs and may … Read more

A quick look at RCM 2022 Piano Syllabus

Royal Conservatory of Music has revealed its new 2022 piano syllabus, and many are wondering about the questions of: what’s changed, what’s new and will my books be useless? Differences at a glance There are no changes to the technical requirements between 2015 and 2022 syllabus. New musicianship option to permit candidates to create melody … Read more

Re-opening on Jan 31 2022

Based on the information provided to us from the Stop the Spread government business hotline, businesses providing in-person instruction will be allowed to re-open starting January 31 2022 (based on a modified stage 3 – O.Reg. 364/20). Our operations (based on re-opening measures) mode will become ORANGE, which means to all our patrons: In-person lessons … Read more

Buying a Digital Piano

If you are looking to purchase an instrument to start your musical journey or upgrade a keyboard to a digital piano, read on as we try to demystify the world of buying instruments. Digital piano attributes Digital pianos are generally separated by these attributes Number of keys: entry level (or sometimes travelling) instruments may have … Read more

Aptitude Testing and Assessment

How does our assessment process work? When you call our school to inquire about our lessons and programs, we will schedule an appointment for you to come in for your assessment. The assessment process takes between 20-30 minutes. The process consists of an interview with the student and/or family as well as musical aptitude testing … Read more

Getting your child to practice

One of the many challenges with learning music is getting your child to practice. Whether your child is learning music for fun or is planning to pursue music as a career, regular practicing is important. One of the many challenges with learning music is getting your child to practice. Whether your child is learning music … Read more

Do I really need a grand piano?

Many parents approach teachers to ask the same question-does my kid need a grand piano? The fact is, many piano teachers do not own a grand piano at home for a variety of reasons, and still be able to practice and perform. Grand pianos provide great sound and have amazing action for greater playability, but … Read more

Benefits of Group Classes

Many studies highlight the importance of learning music at an early age. There are numerous cognitive and developmental benefits related to learning music before age 7. However, it is unrealistic for most preschoolers or very young children to actively participate in a 30 min private music lesson and be expected to listen attentively and follow … Read more

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