Online Music Practice Coaching

We offer online practice coaching as a service to any student who wishes to improve their practice regimen. This is beneficial to students who have not yet developed a consistent practice habit or schedule. Our qualified teaching assistants will help students stay on track and develop the correct work habits, leading to improved productivity and discipline during lessons.

How Does it Work?

Step 1:

Book an online practice session with the teaching assistant.

Step 2:

Students meet with the teaching assistant 1-5 times per week to practice material or homework assigned by their music teacher.

Step 3:

Additional sessions can be added as necessary to supplement the student’s learning.


Qualified TAs

Our teaching assistants are qualified at Level 10 RCM or higher and are trained by our in-house staff to coach students at all levels.


Tailored Program

In order to practice efficiently, we suggest practicing 2-5 sessions per week. Our team will work with you tailor the practice schedule.


Plug and Play

Students can interact with teaching assistants easily through the Zoom platform, which offers the best video and audio quality for music lessons.

To inquire about practice sessions, please contact us directly.

Our Teaching Assistants


Hi there! My name is Michelle. I’m currently studying Music and Life Science at UofT. I volunteered as a trumpet section leader for a concert band in 2018 and worked as a math and English tutor in 2020. I’ve been an Assistant Wushu Coach for five years, and I have also been teaching piano for two years.


Hello! My name is Teresa and I am a level 10 piano student. I currently teach English and have been for the past 3 years with children between the grades 1-5. Through volunteering in a childcare centre and many fundraisers/city events, I have collected several years of experience working with children of all ages. At school, I work closely with grade 7-8’s in a “Connecting to land” program and have previously partook in assistant piano teaching. I hope to continue teaching in the future and working with kids!

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