• Aptitude Testing and Assessment

    One of the unique features of Heritage Music Academy is our assessment process.

    Every student that enters our school is first individually assessed by one of our school owners. This is an important way for us to meet with every student and family, understand about their learning needs and abilities, and thereby be able to match each student with the best teacher.

  • Summer Music Lessons

    As with every discipline, consistency is key. It’s no surprise that students’ reading and math levels drop over the summer holidays. We could also compare learning music to exercising. If you’ve been working out regularly for the past 10 months and decide to take 2 months off, would you expect to be in the same shape when you resume exercising? The same thing is true for learning music. You (and your child) have worked hard over the year and achieved many learning goals, with two months off, you can imagine that there will be a lot of catching up to do.