Theory Lessons FAQ

I am taking music lessons already. Should I consider taking group theory classes?

These theory classes are meant to satisfy certificate requirements from the Royal Conservatory. If you are taking music lessons at RCM Level 5 or above, you will need to complete these courses in order to receive the corresponding certificate for those levels. See the table below for the theory co-requisites.

Practical Examination RequirementCorresponding Theory Co-requisiteCertificate Obtained
Level 5Level 5 Theory Level 5
Level 6Level 6 TheoryLevel 6
Level 7Level 7 TheoryLevel 7
Level 8Level 8 TheoryLevel 8

I am not looking to take examinations at RCM. Are these courses still suitable for me?

Absolutely! Levels 5 to 8 teach the fundamental rudiments of theory including note values, intervals, key signatures, scales, transposition, and melody writing. By the end of these courses, you will have the knowledge to understand the basic building blocks of music and be able to analyze and interpret the majority of sheet music scores.

The Level 9 Harmony and History courses aim to establish a broad introduction to the conceptualization of music and its background. These are both advanced courses aimed at fulfilling a more theoretical understanding of music.

Are classes in-person or online? What about examinations?

All courses and examinations are conducted online only with the exception of harmony 9. For online courses, materials are shared in a virtual dropbox.

Are past papers and textbooks included?

These are all included in the materials fee.

Do I need to take theory examinations for each level?

If you wish to obtain RCM certificates for levels 5-8, then you will need to take the corresponding examinations at those levels. However, if you only need to take exams for levels 8 and up, then only the level 8 theory examination is required.

Can I get extra help during the course?

You can email the instructor directly if you have any questions. One-on-one tutoring will be provided during the last week.

I have registered for a theory course already. When do I need to register for the exam?

We will follow-up with you directly to ensure you are registered for the correct exam before the deadline.

How do I obtain secondary school accreditation for taking music lessons?

The Ministry of Ontario allows students who have completed certain music examinations to claim secondary school credits according to the table below. For instance, if you take the level 7 practical piano examination in addition to the RCM level 7 theory examination, you can claim an extra credit for level 11. The mark for this credit will be the average of the two examinations. For the most up-to-date requirements, please consult Ontario Schools: Policy and Program Requirements 2016 (Kindergarten to Grade 12). To seek further clarification, please speak to your secondary school guidance counsellor.

RCM RequirementSecondary School Credit ObtainedRecommended HMA Course
Completion of Level 7 Practical and Level 7 Theory, The Royal Conservatory Certificate ProgramMaximum of 1 Grade 11 university/college preparation music credit towards OSSDLevel 5 and 6-7 Theory
Completion of Level 8 Practical and Level 8 Theory, The Royal Conservatory Certificate ProgramMaximum of 1 Grade 12 university/college preparation music credit towards OSSDLevel 5-8 Theory
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