RCM 2021 Violin Repertoire – Level 5


Carefully selected and curated to support teachers and students in their artistic and technical development, the Violin Series, 2021 Edition includes pieces from a diverse range of eras and styles that represent stepping stones to major violin repertoire. Each level is constructed to link repertoire selections to necessary techniques and corresponding etudes, while illustrating step-by-step connections for developing core skills. Each Repertoire book includes access to quality video and audio recordings by some of North America’s finest violinists and accompanists; both performance and accompaniment-only tracks for each Repertoire selection offer students a model for performance practice and the convenience of accompanied rehearsal at home.

Violin Repertoire 5 spotlights a global representation of repertoire, including Christine Donkin, Manuel de Falla, Dmitri Kabalevsky, Fritz Kreisler, Dmitri Shostakovich, Shinichi Suzuki, and Ralph Vaughan Williams. While progressing into the Intermediate level of the repertoire series, bow strokes such as collé and beginning spiccato strokes are explored. Students continue their study of shifting by encountering works ranging between first and fifth positions, while explanatory footnotes provide assistance with harmonic finger placement and the execution of ornaments.

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RCM 2021 Violin Repertoire – Level 5
  • Air varié on a Theme by Pacini, op. 89, no. 1 – Charles Dancla
  • Student Concertino, op. 6, no. 2: I – Adolf Huber
  • Concerto in G Major, TWV 51:G8: I – Georg Philipp Telemann, arr. F. Schroeder
  • Rondeau – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, arr. Kathy and David Blackwell
  • Sonata in E Minor, op. 5, no. 8: I, II – Arcangelo Corelli, arr. Jason Noble
  • Sonata, op. 10b, no. 2: III – Carl Maria von Weber
  • El paño moruno – Manuel de Falla, arr. Paul Kochanski
  • Ukrainian Folk Song – Traditional Ukrainian melody, arr. Michael
  • Conway Baker
  • Mazurka – Frank Blachford
  • Dance – Dmitri Shostakovich, arr. Konstantin Fortunatov
  • Prelude and Berceuse – Shinichi Suzuki
  • Barn Dance – Christine Donkin
  • Two Rigaudons – Jean-Philippe Rameau
  • Toy Soldiers’ March – Fritz Kreisler
  • Music Camp Boogie – Harold Birston
  • Allegro vivace – Ralph Vaughan Williams
  • Shenandoah – American folk song, arr. Mark Mrozinski
  • Scherzo – Dmitri Kabalevsky, arr. Konstantin Sorokin
  • Galop – Carl Bohm
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