Music for Little Mozarts – Music Lesson Book 1


A Piano Course to Bring Out the Music in Every Young Child

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Lesson Book 1 is pre-reading. Concepts taught are: How to sit at the piano; Correct hand position; High and low; Loud and soft (forte and piano); Keyboard topography; Bar line and measure, Quarter, half, whole notes and rests; and Repeat signs. The first pieces in the book are played on the black keys. Later in the book, C D E for the RH and C B A for the LH (Middle C position) are taught with letter notes (the name of the note is written inside the note head).

Characters introduced: Mozart Mouse, Beethoven Bear, and Elgar E. Elephant.

Table of contents:

  • Beethoven Bear and Mozart Mouse and the Musical Argument
  • How to Sit at the Piano and Curve Your Fingers!
  • Low Sounds
  • High Sounds
  • Moving Up the Keyboard
  • Moving Down the Keyboard
  • Loud Sounds
  • Soft Sounds
  • Left Hand Finger Numbers
  • Right Hand Finger Numbers
  • 2 Black Keys
  • Quarter Note
  • Bar Lines
  • Left Hand Walking
  • Right Hand Marching
  • 3 Black Keys
  • Quarter Rest
  • A Bear’s Song
  • A Mouse’s Melody
  • E – I – E – I – O!
  • On MacDonald’s Farm
  • Rockin’ Pony Ride
  • Down We Go
  • Finding D on the Keyboard
  • The D Song
  • Finding C on the Keyboard
  • The C Song
  • Mozart Mouse’s First Minuet
  • Half Note
  • Nap Time
  • Finding E on the Keyboard
  • The E Song
  • Music Friend Waltz
  • Half Rest
  • A Three-Note Symphony
  • Lost Teddy Bear
  • The C Song, Again!
  • Finding B on the Keyboard
  • The B Song
  • The Elephant Song
  • Whole Note
  • Bright Stars
  • Finding A on the Keyboard
  • The A Song
  • Rainy Day
  • Whole Rest
  • Little Dance
  • Off to Bed
  • Concert Day
  • Invitation

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