Grade 2


Requirement 2008 2013
List A 18 16
List B 18 18
List C 14 16
Memory (2 per list) 6 6
Etudes 12 12
Scales 12 12
Ear Test: Clapback 3 2
Ear Test: Interval 3 2
Ear Test: Chords - 2
Ear Test: Playback 4 4
Sight Reading: Playing 7 7
Sight Reading: Clapping 3 3

Technical Requirements Changes


  • Removed: C major and a minor 2-octave, all staccato scales, all parallel motion, all contrary motion
  • Changed: Chromatic starting in G (instead of C), Formula Pattern now in C+ and G+


  • Removed: All C major requirements

Ear Test

  • Clapback: changed time signature to 4/4 and 3/4 (previously 2/4 and 3/4), added whole notes, reduced # bars by 1
  • Interval: added perfect 5 ascending/descending
  • Chords: new in 2015, major/minor root triad identification, played broken OR solid
  • Playback: removed C+, added D+

Sight Reading

  • Playing: added a minor and d minor
  • Clapping: added 3/4 time, reduced to 2 measures (from 4 in 2008)

Repertoire Differences

Quick Reference: P means "in Celebration Series Print" (and therefore in Syllabus), S means in Syllabus. The absence of P or S for a particular year/repertoire means the song was newly introduced or dropped. Please note that repertoire not listed in this list means their status has not changed from 2008 syllabus.

Additional note: there were some shuffling of repertoire between List B and Etudes with the new syllabus introduction.

List A

Repertoire 2008 2015
Anonymous: Bourrée in D minor S  
Anonymous: Entrée in A minor P  
Arnold, Samuel: Gavotte in C major, op 12 no. 2 P S
Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel: Minuetto II in F Minor, H 196/2 P S
Beethoven, Ludwig van: Russian Folk Song: Beautiful Minka (no. 7) S  
Couperin, François: Fanfare pour la suite de la Diane S  
Couperin, François: Les moissonneurs S  
Hässler, Johann Wilhelm: Ecossoise in G Major (no. 23)   S
Haydn, Franz Joseph: German Dance in B flat Major, Hob. IX:22, no. 5   P
Haydn, Franz Joseph: German Dance in G Major, Hob. IX:12, no. 1   S
Purcell, Henry: Air in D Minor ZT 676   P
Türk, Daniel Gottlob: A Cheerful Spirit P S
Türk, Daniel Gottlob: Gavotte in A Major   P

List B

Repertoire 2008 2015
Archer, Violet: Hop, Skip, Glide (no. 3)   S
Barenboim, L.: Polish Song S  
Berkovich, Isak: Mauzurka P  
Bender, Joanne: Inuit Lullaby   S
Bender, Joanne: When the Rain Comes   S
Berlin, Boris: March of the Goblins P S
Blok, Vladimir: A Little Ballad S  
Bober, Melody: I Spy   P
Bonis, Mel: Madrigal P S
Caramia, Tony: Porch Swing S  
Chatman, Stephen: Making Memories   S
Coulthard, Jean: Alexa's Music Box S  
Crosby Gaudet, Anne: Periwinkle Twinkle   P
Crosby Gaudet, Anne: The Banshee's Ball P S
Donkin, Christine: The Dragon's Story   S
Frid, Grigori: I'm Sad S  
Frid, Grigori: The Teddy Bear S  
Garścia, Janina: The Clock P S
George, Jon: Quiet Lagoon   P
Gieck, Janet: Lazy Sunday   S
Gieck, Janet: Outdoor Skating Rink   S
Gillock, William: On a Quiet Lake   P
Goldston, Margaret: The Sparkling Brook   P
Harris, Eddie: On the March   S
Ikeda, Naoko: Evening Melody   S
Karp, David: Circling Hawks   S
Labenske, Victor: Player Piano   S
Mana Zucca: A Slumber Song S  
McIntyre, David L.: The Waltz That Floated Away   P
Mosdell, Rick: Hong Kong Sunrise   S
Nakada, Yoshinao: So Long, See You Tomorrow P S
Niamath, Linda: Authumn Leaves P S
Niamath, Linda: Rollerblading   S
Norton, Christopher: Half Asleep   P
Norton, Christopher: Asteroids P [Etudes] S
Norton, Chirstopher: Rag Time P S
Persichetti, Vincent: Fanfare (no. 8)   P
Pinto, Octavio: Prelude (no. 1)   P
Pole, Clifford: The Mouse in the Coal Bin P S
Reinecke, Carl: Serenade in G Major, op. 183 no. 2   S
Richert, Teresa: Daydreaming   S
Richert, Teresa: Doll House   S
Richert, Teresa: Little Red Wagon   P
Richert, Teresa: Plush Toy Parade   S
Richert, Teresa: Toy Train   S
Rossi, Wynn-Ann: Atacama Desert   P
Schumann, Robert: Soldiers March S P
Skarecky, Jana: Rain   S
Szelényi, István: Faraway Regions P S
Tan, Chee-Hwa: The Land of Nod S  
Tajčević, Marko: Little Piece No. 3   P
Telfer, Nancy: Crocodile Teeth   S
Telfer, Nancy: Skeleton Dance P S
Telfer, Nancy: An Iroquois Lullaby (arr.)   S
Telfer, Nancy: Teaching a Bear to Waltz S  
Vandall, Robert D.: Summer Toccatina   S

List C

Repertoire 2008 2015
Bartók, Béla: Little Dance in Canon Form S P
Champagne, Claude: Petit canon No. 2 P S
Gallant, Pierre: Jazz Invention No. 1 P  
Gallant, Pierre: Changing Voices S  
Gallant, Pierre: Lullaby for Two S  
Gallant, Pierre: Petit canon No. 2 S  
Kunz, Konrad M.: Canon in F Major (no. 95)   P
McKinnon, Gordon A.: The Argument P  
Richert, Teresa: Courageous Cat   P

Etudes / Studies

Repertoire 2008 2015
Burnam, Edna-Mae: Colored Windows   P
Gallant, Pierre: Little Lopsided Waltz P  
Gedike, Alexander: Etude in C Major (no. 22)   P
Geroge, Jon: Melody   P
Gillock, William: Ladies in Waiting   P
Gurlitt, Cornelius: Hunting   P
Kadosa, Pál: Study in A minor P  
Krausas, Veronika: Kangaroos P  
Niamath, Linda: Baseball Practice P  
Niamath, Linda: Celebration P  
Niamath, Linda: Pinwheels   P
Norton, Christopher: Asteroids P S [List B]
Norton, Chirstopher: Feelin' Good   P
Norton, Chirstopher: The Highlands   P
Takács, Jenő: Gliding P P
Telfer, Nancy: Crocodile Teeth P S [List B]
Vandall, Robert D.: E Dorian with Modulation   P