Grade 1


Requirement 2008 2013
List A 18 16
List B 18 18
List C 14 16
Memory (2 per list) 6 6
Etudes 12 12
Scales 12 12
Ear Test: Clapback 5 2
Ear Test: Interval - 2
Ear Test: Chords - 2
Ear Test: Playback 5 4
Sight Reading: Playing 7 7
Sight Reading: Clapping 3 3

Technical Requirements Changes


  • Removed: Staccato scales
  • Changed: Chromatic is now full octave (tonic-tonic as opposed to 2008's requirement of tonic-dominant)

Ear Test

  • Clapback: changed time signature to 4/4 and 3/4 (previously 2/4 and 3/4), added whole notes, reduced # bars by 1
  • Interval: new in 2015, major/minor 3rd only (ascending/descending)
  • Chords: new in 2015, major/minor root triad identification, played broken THEN solid
  • Playback: changed to tonic/dominant starting (previously tonic/supertonic/mediant), increased # notes to 5 (from 4), keys now C+/G+/a- (previously C+/F+/G+)

Sight Reading

  • Playing: added a minor
  • Clapping: unchanged (unofficially: 2015 declares whole notes as possible note value, whereas 2008 is ambiguous)

Repertoire Differences

Quick Reference: P means "in Celebration Series Print" (and therefore in Syllabus), S means in Syllabus. The absence of P or S for a particular year/repertoire means the song was newly introduced or dropped. Please note that repertoire not listed in this list means their status has not changed from 2008 syllabus.

Additional note: there were some shuffling of repertoire between List B and Etudes with the new syllabus introduction.


This is an attempt to summarize the overall change between the two syllabus. Please note that the overall (Syllabus) number will always be higher, and that we always urge students and teachers to double-check with the syllabus for eligability and crossover rules. In addition, a student may substitute one list repertoire with the same list of a directly higher grade, and a study with a selection from Popular Selections Repertoire.

  List A List B List C Studies
Total in 2008 Print (Syllabus) 10 (24) 15 (63) 7 (13) 13 (13)
Total in 2013 Print (Syllabus) 10 (24) 17 (84) 7 (13) 18 (18)
Common between Print (Syllabus) 4 (21) 3 (55) 11 (2) 5 (9)

List A

Repertoire 2008 2015
Beethovan, Ludwig van: Écossaise in E flat Major, WoO 86   P
Clarke, Jeremiah: Minuet in D major, T.460 P S
Clementi, Muzio: Pyrenese Melody (lesson 48) S P
Graupner, Christoph: Bourrée in D minor P  
Hässler, Johann Wilhelm: Minuet in C Major (no. 4) P S
Haydn, Franz Joseph: Capriccio (arr., from Caprice, Hob. XVII:I) S  
Haydn, Franz Joseph: Minuet in G major, Job. XVI: 15 P S
Haydn, Franz Joseph: German Dance in D Major Hob. IX:22, no. 2 with repeat   P
Johann, Krieger: Minuet in A Minor S P
Mozart, Leopold: Bourrée in E minor (attr.) S  
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Allegro in B flat Major, K. 3   P
Türk, Daniel Gottlob: Arioso in F Major P S
Türk, Daniel Gottlob: The Ballet   P

List B

Repertoire 2008 2015
Adair, Yvonne: The Bronze Bear P  
Archer, Violet: Waltz (no. 2)   S
Berlin, Boris: Hopscotch S P [Etudes]
Blok, Vladimir: Happy Times S  
Chatman, Stephen: Clear Lake   S
Chatman, Stephen: Silly Argument P S
Chatman, Stephen: Spring Light   P
Crosby Gaudet, Anne: Angelfish   P
Crosby Gaudet, Anne: Pirate Tales   S
Crosby Gaudet, Anne: Risser’s Romp   S
Crosby Gaudet, Anne: The Great Lady   S
Dello, Joio, Norman: Mountain Melody (No. 1)   P
Donkin, Chirstine: Crafty Card Tricks (No. 1) P S
Donkin, Christine: Heros of the Galaxy   S
Donkin, Christine: Soaring P [Etudes] S
Frid, Grigori: The Holly Fiddler, op. 41 no. 5 P  
Gallant, Pierre: “Croc” the Curmudgeon P S
Gallant, Pierre: Paper Tigers P [Etudes] S
Gedike, Alexander: A Little Piece (No. 2)   P
Gieck, Janet: Chromatisaurus   S
Gillock, William: Drifting Clouds S P [Etudes]
Gillock, William: Spooky Footsteps   S
Gillock, William: Stormy Weather   S
Glover, David Carr: Blinky the Robot   P
Goolkasian Rahbee, Dianne: Toy Soldiers March   P
Kabalevsky, Dmitri: March (No. 10) P S
Kabalevsky, Dmitri: Waltz  (No. 13) S P
Karp, David: Whirligig Beetle   S
Kraehenbuehl, David: March of the Trolls   S
Krausas, Veronika: The Alligator P S
McLean, Edwin: Valse triste   S
Mier, Martha: Hallelujah!   S
Mier, Martha: Red Satin Jazz   P
Mier, Martha: Sneaky Business   S
Milne, Elissa: Lost   P
Niamath, Linda: Bears S P
Niamath, Linda: Hide and Seek P S
Niamath, Linda: Hot Air Balloons   S
Niamath, Linda: Rainbow   S
Norton, Christopher: Duet for One P  
Norton, Christopher: On the Right Lines P  
Paterson, Lorna: Gremlins P  
Paterson, Lorna: Marmoset   S
Pearce, Elvina: Camel Ride S  
Poole, Clifford: Spooks P S
Reubart, Dale: Square Dance P  
Richert, Teresa: Teddy Bear   S
Richert, Teresa: Video Game Adventure   S
Schnittke, Alfred: Folk Song P S
Schoenmehl, Mike: Dance of the Martians   P
Siegmeister, Elie: Song of the Dark Woods S P
Silvester, Frederick: Early One Morning   P
Telfer, Nancy: Climb up on an Elephant S P
Vandall, Robert D.: Feeling Great!   S

List C

Repertoire 2008 2015
Duke, David: She’s Like the Swallow P S
Dyson, George: Study in Canon S  
Elliott, Carleton: Canon   P
Gallant, Pierre: A Little Song betwee Friends   S
Gallant, Pierre: Dancing Partners   S
Garztecka, Irena: A Ball P  
Gurlitt, Cornelius: Little Conversation, op 197 no 8 S  
Kinney, Forrest: Young Ludwig Exploring   P
Markov, Andrew: Where Did the Sun Go? P  
McKinnon, Gordon A.: Swirling Leaves   P
Poole, Clifford: Frère Jacques Stands on His Head   P
Richert, Teresa: Cranky Cat   P

Etudes / Studies

Repertoire 2008 2015
Balázs, Árpád: Etude in A Minor (no. 9)   P
Berlin, Boris: Hopscotch S [List B] P
Christophe, Renée: Waiting   P
Deimer, Emma Laou: Answering   P
Donkin, Chirstine: Soaring P S [List B]
Donkin, Christine: Detectives   P
Donkin, Christine: Time Travel P  
Gallant, Pierre: Paper Tigers P S [List B]
Gillock, William: Drifting Clouds S [List B] P
Gurlitt, Cornelius: Morning Greeting no. 13   P
Kabalevsky, Dmitri: A Porcupine Dance (no. 8)   P
Kadosa, Pál: Etude in C Major (no. 1)   P
Maxner, Rebekah: Jazz! Goes the Weasel   P
Norton, Christopher: Space Fleet P  
Norton, Christopher: Two-Handed Blues P  
Richert, Teresa: Far Away   P
Schoenmehl, Mike: A Swinging Leprechaun   P
Takács, Jenő: Raindrops (no. 11)   P
Tansman, Alexander: Both Ways P  
Wolfart, Franz: Study in G major P