RCM Resources

Heritage Music Academy offers a number of resources available to students preparing for Royal Conservatory of Music practical and theory examinations.

1. Private lessons with teachers experienced with the RCM method.

2. Mock RCM practical examinations offered at in-house at our school.

3. Accompanist services. We provide competitive accompanist rates for students preparing for RCM practical examinations. Our accompanists are professional musicians who are highly qualified and familiar with the RCM exam process. Our comprehensive packages include generous practice with the student, as well as services on the day of the student's examination. Accompanists can also be booked to assist with our mock RCM examinations.

4. Private and  group theory programs to prepare students for theory co-requisite examinations. Students completing grade 5 practical exams need to complete their Basic Rudiments Theory exam. For additional information on theory requirements, please see the RCM Theory Syllabus (link below).

Useful links:

RCM Piano Syllabus 2008 (please note that the new syllabus will be coming out in the next year).

RCM Violin Syllabus 2013

RCM Theory Syllabus 2009

For other RCM resources, please go to: https://examinations.rcmusic.ca/publications-0

To register for RCM exams, please visit: https://examinations.rcmusic.ca/new-online-system-examinations-royal-conservatory-upgrade-your-account-now