Let’s talk about two common reasons why students or families choose to stop lessons during the summer session:

  1. Saving Money

Unfortunately, many families might not realize that there really is no cost-savings with taking the summer off. During two months of infrequent or no practicing, students will definitely “lose” much of their skill and technique and will have to relearn these things when they resume lessons. So in fact, if you are paying to have to relearn a skill, you are indeed wasting and not saving money.

If it’s truly not possible to continue with formal lessons over the summer, try to incorporate some regular practicing as often as you can. That way, you (or your child) won’t be too far behind by the fall and will have an easier time adjusting to regular lessons and practicing once again.

  1. Needing a break

You and your family have had a really busy year. You’re planning to get away for a few weeks and then giving yourself (or your child) a few weeks of “rest” before September.

Stopping lessons and more importantly, not practicing is especially problematic for students that have a difficult time practicing regularly and progressing. Having had two months off and needing to relearn material may in fact lead to additional frustration and demotivation.

If you’re a parent of young children learning music, it’s often a struggle to get them to practice regularly. Trying to make it part of their daily routine often leads to greater success. I know for my own child, even missing a day or two of practicing makes it that much more challenging to get back into our regular routine.

In the end, even if you’re unable to continue lessons over the summer, try to commit to playing through your pieces a few times a week. Consider picking up a “fun book” to play over the summer. Try to incorporate music into everyday activities. Maybe have a small summer concert for family or friends. Music is most meaningful when shared and enjoyed with others!

What’s nice about summer music lessons

Summer is generally a more relaxed time of the year. Without the constraints of school and many other activities, the summer can be a great time to maintain your musical skills and even learn some more fun repertoire, maybe learn a duet to play with a friend, or get a head start on preparing for future RCM exams or competitions.

However, whether you choose to continue in the summer or not, stay in touch with us. We’re always happy to provide encouraging practice tips or recommend a fun new book to try. Wishing you all a safe and happy summer!