In response to the 2nd confirmed case of Novel Coronavirus in Toronto as of January 28, Heritage Music Academy is taking actions to ensure the safety of our students and teachers based on advice from health professionals, available public health information and best practices.

  • Receive your yearly influenza (flu) shots from medical clinics and pharmacies
  • Wash your hands before and after your music lesson following the handwashing techniques
  • Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer as an alternative if you are unable to wash your hands
  • Cover your mouth/nose when you cough or sneeze, preferably with a tissue. Use the upper part of your sleeve or arm to do so if you are unable to access a tissue
  • If you or your family member is not feeling well, please stay home

The school will continue to practice better hygiene by:

  • Making access to sinks and washroom for handwashing (with proper signage)
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizer available at the front desk
  • Lysol wipes to sanitize questionable surfaces, including our piano keys (wiped down as required)
  • Tissues in each room

While the public risk is still considered low, we would like to request you to consider the health of your teachers and peers and be mindful of any potential symptoms. If you and/or family members have travelled to/from the affected area in the past 14 days, please consider deferring your lesson (without any charge) for 14 days of returning from the affected areas.

Call TeleHealth (1-866-797-0000, open 24/7) to seek further advice and next steps if you and/or your family members exhibit signs or symptoms that may emerge such as respiratory issues, fever or illness. ALWAYS CALL AHEAD TO YOUR MEDICAL PRACTIONER BEFORE TRAVELLING TO THEIR FACILITIES.

For more information, responses and further advice, please refer to the city, provincial and federal sites: