RCM Bridges: Guitar Repertoire and Studies – Preparatory


Bridges: A Comprehensive Guitar Series serves as the official resource for guitar examinations of the Royal Conservatory. Innovative in its structure, Bridges supports students from the beginner to advanced levels with carefully sequenced repertoire, etudes, and technique. Each of the Repertoire and Etudes books in the series spans all major style periods and a variety of genres, presenting an organized compilation of pieces appropriate for that level of technical development.

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Nine progressive levels of Repertoire and Etudes scaffold student learning at every stage of musical development. Each book contains a balanced and representative selection of works from the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and contemporary style periods. From the classics of Aguado to the modern compositions of Zenamon, Bridges connects students to both essential literature and enticing masterpieces never before found together. The Etudes have been carefully selected to support the repertoire and isolate specific technical and musical challenges, making Bridges an ideal collection and a comprehensive teaching resource.

  • Etude in A Minor – Aaron Shearer
  • Prelude No. 9 – Aaron Shearer
  • Bransle de Poitou – Adrian Le Roy
  • Klangbild 13 Sound Picture 13 – Carlo Domeniconi
  • Carrousel – Claude Gagnon
  • A la maniere bulgare In Bulgarian Style – Claudio Camisassa
  • Exercise 13 – Elias Barriero
  • Andante in C Major – Ferdinando Carulli
  • Waltz op.241, no.1 – Ferdinando Carulli
  • Danse des iles Dance of the Islands – Florian Lambert
  • Flocons de neige Snowflakes – Frederic Costantino
  • Dutch Dance – Hans Neusidler
  • Torito – Jaime Zenamon
  • The Flask – Jeffrey McFadden
  • First Exercise on the E String – Johann Kaspar Mertz
  • Ejercicio – Jose Ferrer
  • Lesson 62 – Julio Sagreras
  • Lesson 61 – Julio Sagreras
  • Lesson 46 – Julio Sagreras
  • Lesson 48 – Julio Sagreras
  • Valse dautomne (Autumn Waltz) – Lyse Gingras
  • Petit blues – Marc Belanger
  • Sicilienne – Matteo Carcassi
  • Andantino in C Major – Matteo Carcassi
  • Little Herdboy – Oleg Kiselev
  • Aeolian Mode – Reginald Smith Brindle
  • Lyrical Study No.9 – Richard Miles Jackman
  • Lyrical Study No.4 – Richard Miles Jackman
  • Lyrical Study No.14 – Richard Miles Jackman
  • The Carousel Waltz – Richard Summers
  • Eight – Richard Summers
  • Dreams – Richard Summers
  • A Simple Dialogue – Shawn Bell
  • Sciapodus – Shawn Bell
  • Ninou – Shawn Bell
  • White Horse – Simone Iannarelli
  • Moonlight – Stepan Rak
  • Oasis-Express – Takashi Ogawa
  • Ukrainian Melody – Ukrainian folk song

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