Recitals FAQ

We put together this guide to help students and teachers of Heritage Music Academy (HMAI) with our monthly and large recitals. Please read this carefully as most commonly asked questions will be covered.


Who can register?

All currently enrolled students of HMAI are encouraged to play at our recitals. Non-HMAI students are also welcome as long as they are invited by a student or a teacher.

How do I register?

Go to our recital registration page and select the recital(s) you like to perform. The number of available spots are always indicated. Registration will be available on a first-come first-serve basis for both our in-house (free) and large format (paid) recitals.

When is the cut-off for registration (or how do I know it is full)?

Our electronic registration system will limit the number of registrants (performers) per event. Once we reached the limit you will be placed in a waiting list. The system is open for registration upto 11:59pm Eastern Time of the night before the event itself.

I am having trouble with the system

Use the contact us form so we can assist with the registration.

I can't come last minute, do I need to let anyone know?

Please be courteous if you are unable to perform at the event. No-show performers who do not contact us by phone or email will be charged $10 recital fee for the free in-house recitals. This is to ensure no abuse occurs with the registration system, and that it gives performers a fair chance to play at the recital. We also spend money printing certificates and buying refreshments, and hate to waste money making preparations for a no-show.

Is there a song limit?

There is a 2-song limit per performer. We respectfully ask that all performers abide by this requirement.

I need an accompanist for my song

Have no fear. Please indicate this in the registration, and send a copy of the piano accompaniment to your teacher or the administrator on duty at the school. We will arrange to have someone play with you at the recital. We require all piano parts to arrive no later than 5 days before the actual performance.

Performance preparation

How do I prepare for a recital?

Your teacher is your go-to person to advise you on how to prepare for a recital, and providing recommendations on what song to perform. Once you select the song, we recommend spending your last lesson perfecting the song. Having your piece memorized prior to this last lesson will help with the recital preparation emersely.

To get through performance anxiety, try to play in front of a smaller and trusted audience (for example, your family or close friends). You may also want to record yourself playing to see how you look - this will help you observe your body and movement.

Do I play my song with repeats?

Similarly to RCM examinations, please omit all repeats and take 2nd endings to all performances. In some cases (specifically vocal) you may observe repeats where the words are different. We will politely end a performance if this is not followed.

What if I mess up?

Part of performing is learning to recover from mistakes. If you are performing and you messed up, please continue playing. Performance preparation should include starting from the middle of the piece.

At your recital performance

When should I come, what should I do?

Our recitals are very informal, but follow these simple steps to make your experience even more relaxed:

  1. Arrive at least 15 minutes before the posted recital time. Doors are open 30 minutes prior to the actual recital time. (eg. doors are open at 4:30pm for a 5pm performance)
  2. Sign in when you arrive at the doors so we know you are here. Note the number beside your name as that is your performance number!
  3. Ask for assistance (accompaniment run-through or instrument tuning) if needed.

Performers should bring their music, instrument (if needed), as well as your friends and family to cheer you on!

What is the order of the recital?

Unless it is a big recital (where we will do some order changes) or prior arrangements has been made, we will follow the registration order for a recital.

How long is the recital?

A recital of 10-12 performers will be approximately 30 minutes including the announcements and presentation of certificates. Our big recitals will have more performers within the 1-hour window (betwen 15-25 performers).

Recital program

Starting in 2015, we will be eliminating paper programs to eliminate paper waste. In all of our recitals, our master of ceremonies will announce the performer and the songs being performed. For our large recital, we will direct our audience to the projector screen for the songs being performed.

The recital structure is roughly:

  • Announcements and housekeeping
  • For each performer
    • Name and songs announced
    • Performer come to the stage, take a bow before starting to play
    • Expect applause after each song
    • After all songs played, stand and take another bow before returning to your seats
  • Presentation of certificates
  • Refreshment

To speed up our recitals, we encourage the performers to sit close to the front or make their way near the front prior to the performance.