Heritage Violin Programs

The Violin Programs at Heritage Music Academy aim to teach students the skills of independent learning so that, by applying acquired knowledge, students can find solutions to technical and musical challenges presented in pieces and compositions.

In other words, Heritage Music Academy seeks to teach students to become their own teachers. In so doing, Heritage Violin Programs utilize key aspects of successful pedagogies such as the Russian, Franco-Belgian, Central European, and British violin methods and traditions.

Basic, yet critical, constituents of violin technique are taught in detail, including intonation, vibrato, position changes, trills, harmonics, pizzicato, and double stops for the left hand, and bowings such as detaché, martelé, staccato, spiccato, sautillé, ricochet, saltando, arpeggio, parlando, and col legno for the right hand.

Different types of bow holds are canvassed and analysed, and so is the issue of whether or not to play with shoulder rest. Emphasis is placed on tone production, and the impact and effects of sounding point, bowing angles, bow pressure, bow speed, and bow division on the produced sound.

Heritage Music Academy offers a comprehensive approach to violin technique, ear training, rhythm, and musicianship, and students have the opportunity to participate in chamber music groups, ensembles, or attend group lessons.

Suitable violin literature is tailored for each student’s musical requirements and instrumental progress, comprising compositions and concertos of interest to the student as well as a balanced selection of scales, studies, and chamber music. Studies, also referred to as etudes that may be used to master specific technical or musical difficulties include those by Wohlfahrt, Schradieck, Mazas, Sevcik, Kayser, Kreutzer, Dont, Fiorillo, Gavinies, Rode, or Paganini.

The taught repertoire consists of a range of genres such as compositions of the baroque era, classics, romantics, and jazz, to contemporary, country, and folk music. We also have a collection of Chinese music arranged for violin and piano that students may chose to play.

Students at Heritage Music Academy are encouraged to undertake Royal Conservatory of Music examinations, for which they receive competent instruction and preparation. Regular performances, workshops, or master classes are also held at school premises and surrounding venues.