Heritage Music Pioneers

Heritage Music Pioneers (Group music class for children ages 3-4 with parent participation)

The Heritage Music Pioneers is a fun and educational group class which introduces children to music by using three kinds of activities: 

  • Listening
  • Singing
  • Playing

Listening fosters the mind for total involvement with music, and experiencing various types of musical expressions. Children listen to songs and music pieces that the teacher plays and sings, as well as listen to recorded music. 

Singing promotes musical understanding through developing aural ability and arousing interest in music. During the class, children imitate singing words and the names of the notes.

Playing introduces children to the keyboard. Children start to develop their finger ability and become interested in the keyboard. The teacher introduces the class  to various keyboard games and repertoire.

Additional activities include:

  • Musical games
  • Rhythmic movement       
  • Writing exercises  

Program features include:

  • music and movement activities, musical games, and singing
  • an introduction to a variety of musical instruments, and musical concepts such as rhythm, dynamics, pitch and tempo
  • music related crafts and hands-on exploration of numerous instruments
  • weekly 45 min group classes, continuous schedule

Group Music Class Schedule

For an early childhood music and movement program (from ages 0-5), try Music Together (hosted at Heritage Music Academy). For a group piano program ages 4-6, please look at the Heritage Piano Explorers program.