Heritage Piano Explorers

Heritage Piano Explorers is group music class which combines piano skills training as well as musicianship in a fun and innovative way. Crafted loosely on the Faber Piano Adventures program, the Explorers program provides a safe and fun environment for the students to learn in a group setting. Each level features 12 (twelve) 45-minute instructor-led class structured with both on and off-keyboard activities, which includes sing-a-long, musical listening exercise, and performance opportunity. Worksheet and song will be assigned for each week.

Explorers 1 concept map:

  • Basic rhythm and note values
  • Dynamics
  • Fingers, steps and skip notes
  • Left/right hand coordination
  • Proper posture and hand holding

Explorers 2 concept map:

  • Reinforcement of Explorer 1 concepts
  • Note letters
  • Musical staff

Upcoming classes

  • Heritage Piano Explorers 1: 12 week class starting on Saturday April 9, 10am. $180 per student + $10 materials fee (tax included) – contact us to register