Facility Photos

Welcome to Heritage Music Academy. 

Heritage Music Academy features modern and spacious facilities that can accommodate private instruction as well as group and ensemble training. We have the largest private studios in the area!

Our school offers a true family-friendly environment. We have a safe, spacious and warmly furnished waiting area, and a fully-equipped kitchenette where students and staff can enjoy refreshments. Our school is also wheelchair/stroller accessible. We are pleased to provide our students and staff with a chemical and scent-free environment. Heritage Music Academy prides itself on being environmentally responsible as well as providing a truly healthy, pleasant and professional learning environment.

Call 647-478-8179 or email us today to book a free introductory 30 min lesson!

Here are two of our teaching studios. Each studio is equipped with a professional Yamaha U3 piano. 


Recital room with Yamaha Grand Piano.

Our on-site recital room can accommodate 40-50 guests.

Chamber music classroom.

Group theory/group piano classroom.

Reception seating area.


Classroom music library.

Fully stocked kitchenette with complimentary coffee, tea and refreshments for students, their families and our faculty.