• Facility Rentals

    Heritage Music Academy provides facility rentals for a variety of events, including recitals, conferences and courses.

    Performance / Conference Room

    • Capacity: 35 people (performance) / 20 people (conference)
    • Amenities:
      • In-room audio system
      • Yamaha grand piano
      • Whiteboards
      • 4 tables and 35 chairs can be setup

    Practice Rooms

    • Capacity: 2 people (typical, 4 people maximum)
    • Available rooms: 4
    • Each practice room has a Yamaha upright piano

    Users of the facilities can access the school's kitchen, bathroom, complementy public wifi and the plaza's free parking. Bookings can be done upto 6 months in advance, availability may be restricted while the school is in operation. Minimum rental rate for the rooms is 1-hour when the school is operating, and 2-hours in off-hours. 

    To view our facility photos, please click here: Facility Photos


    To inquire about facility rentals, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..