Why study at Heritage Music Academy

Playing an instrument, such as the violin, requires not only high levels of coordination and developed fine motor skills, but also a good sense of pitch and the ability to maintain a steady meter and precise rhythm.

It is of significance that, on the violin, the activities and functions of the left hand are vastly different to those of the right hand. Left hand technique requires great dexterity in the fingers, accurate intonation, and sufficient flexibility and control to perform vibrato, double stops, and position changes, whereas the right hand manages the balancing of bow speed, bow pressure, and sounding point for optimal tone production.

Given the intricate muscle activities and fine motor control required to play the violin, at any level, one cannot underestimate the importance of the positions and angles of the left hand and fingers, the manner in which the violin is held, or the way the bow is handled. It is therefore paramount that a proper bow hold is acquired from the outset, along with correct posture and appropriate left hand position.

Where students learn the violin with incorrect posture, left hand or right hand technique, their progress on the instrument is not just impeded but, also, any correction will be more difficult when bad habits become part of fine motor actions and muscle activities.

At Heritage Music Academy, we make sure that each student is given appropriate technical and musical foundations to enable progress, such that will achieve his or her potential on the instrument.

To that end, we employ teachers with higher education credentials, who have substantial teaching experience or a background as professional performers. We also devise personalised learning plans for all students, and we offer a selection of structured programs to provide a suitable educational strategy and effective study environment. Teaching materials at the Academy include a range of pedagogical works, books, studies, and compositions, not to mention professional standard grand piano and uprights. Instruments in our rental program are set up and maintained by qualified instrument makers.

We pride ourselves on our state of the art facilities, displaying large soundproofed teaching rooms that are suitable for group lessons, chamber music sessions, and ensemble rehearsals. Heritage Music Academy provides a scent free environment, free from air fresheners and sanitizers, there is ample natural light at the premises, and all teaching areas have both air intakes and air outlets for optimal ventilation and air quality.