Studio Policy

General Policies

  • All private lessons are held weekly and paid in advance unless specifically arranged with school director
  • HMA (Heritage Music Academy) does not provide music classes or instrumental lessons on statutory holidays unless explicitly arranged by student in special situations only.
  • HMA, or the Teacher, may cancel classes or lessons by informing the Student or Parent before 9:00am on the day of the lesson, and such lessons will be rescheduled by mutual consent.
  • HMA reserve all rights to substitute teachers due to teacher absence or unavailability, and if no suitable substitution can be done the lesson will be deferred
  • HMA follows the York Regional District School Board on weather-related school cancellations for the day. Up-to-date information will be posted on our site and phone lines.
  • It is the Student’s responsibility to arrive on time for each class or lesson. Lesson time that is lost due to a late arrival cannot be made up, irrespective of the reason for the late arrival. Moreover, if you are more than 15 minutes late to your lesson, and no arrangements have been made as to your arrival time for the lesson, it is considered a “no show”.
  • If you fail to attend your scheduled class or lesson without giving us notice, referred to as a “no show”, the lesson will be charged as an ordinary lesson and no reschedule or make up of the class or lesson subject to the no show will be offered.
  • A school semester aligns closely to the Ontario school system semester, with the fall semester starting after Labour Day in September and ends at the last day of January, winter semester from February to last day of June, and summer semseter from July to Labour Day.

Absence Policy

Student may reschedule up to 2 (two) lessons per School Semester for any reason (including illness and vacation) by providing at least 24 hour notice prior the start of the originally scheduled lesson time. Once a reschedule time is set, it may not be changed again. Lesson rescheduling must occur within the same School Semester.

While we try our best to reschedule lesson with the same teacher, this may not be possible. HMA will provide a equivalent substitution in this situation.

We recognize that exceptional situations can arise and we will continue to offer alternative arrangements at our discretion - to be discussed with the school director - if your circumstances fall outside the policy. 


Student(s) may withdraw from enrolled Programs by providing 4 weeks written notice. The last lesson will be the last paid lesson, or 4 lessons after the written notice of withdrawal is received by HMA, whichever is later.


  • HMA will provide a lesson notebook for the purpose of teacher logging practice information.
  • Teachers will prescribe music materials such as technique books or sheet music for the purpose of the lesson.
  • Students will be able to purchase all required materials directly at the school, and entitled to a purchase discount while studying at the school.
  • Teachers will not be allowed to provide copies of copyrighted recordings or music scores.

Etiquette in Studio

  • Students, parents and guests may arrive at the lounge for the purpose of waiting for the student’s lesson.
  • Parents are encouraged to sit in with their children during the lesson. This is especially important for younger students. It is recommended that parents are actively involved during the lessons and take notes so that they are able to work effectively with their children at home.
  • Based on studio availability, students may be able to warm-up prior to their scheduled lesson time.
  • Loitering or solicitation without prior permission is not allowed on studio premises.

Practicing and Progress

  • At each lesson, the teacher will assign exercises for the student to practice during the week and these will be written in a lesson notebook.
  • Students are encouraged to practice daily, with a daily duration recommended by the teacher.
  • Parents are encouraged to review the lesson notebook and consult with the teacher on progress regularly.
  • Students who are showing lack of progress will be placed onto a perfornance improvement plan. The performance improvement plan is a tool that will be collaboratively developed by the student, parents and teacher; It aims to address the issues that are contributing to the lack of progress and identifies achievable goals for the student to meet in order to ensure success in the program.