A Leader in Music Education


To educate, develop and inspire students to achieve their full musical potential and provide them the skills for lifelong enjoyment of music

Heritage Music Academy is committed to the highest standards of musicianship by working with highly experienced faculty, combining innovative and individualized programs to meet the needs of our students and families thereby contributing to their musical success. 


Heritage Music Academy aspires:

—To assure the highest standard of music education through offering innovative individual and group programs.
—To provide high quality programming in a professional and healthy environment that contributes to student success.
—To confirm the Heritage Music Academy as one of the premier music schools in York Region, offering comprehensive programs that support a diverse student population.
—To value and celebrate the excellence in teaching and innovation achieved by the school’s faculty.
—To sustain and enhance a supportive, caring and responsible community among the students, families and faculty.


High achievement: We believe in assisting each student to achieve her or his full musical potential.This begins by developing individualized programs based on the students learning needs, abilities and goals.

Excellence in teaching: Experienced, knowledgeable and passionate teachers are the essence of this school. Excellence in teaching begins with strong relationships between faculty, students and families and is further nurtured by collaboration among colleagues. Music education should be taught by professionally trained music educators with proficient knowledge and skills in the areas of music performance, pedagogy and musicianship. We value, encourage, and promote ongoing professional development.

Instilling lifelong music learning: Music education should foster independent and creative musicians, equipped for life long engagement with music and music making.